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Charming Photos of Iconic Tech Relics, From Brick Phones to Zip Drives

When Jim Golden was a child growing up in the 1980s, he identified as a geek. He was enamored with the technology of his youth, and waxed poetic about using a rotary phone to dial up his modem. The renowned commercial photographer’s career has spanned more than 15 years, taking him from the fast-past advertising world of New York City to the more laid-back vibe of his studio in Portland, Oregon. Though his aesthetic has grown and shifted in that time, his appreciation of “direct and logical design”–namely, simplicity in form, influenced by typologies and categorization–pervades his work.

Golden shot on film in the early days of his career, and the storyline of the decline of analog photography parallels that of the technology of his youth. His latest project, Relics of Technology, is a visual catalog of the items people of a certain age remember well, the antecedents to the technology so many of us take for granted today. 

“When I look back on that tech, there’s a nostalgia element, a love for all those forms and textures and sounds and smells,” he says. “I wanted to elevate those items to art and remind people of all those overlooked objects.”

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